Here's what New Yorkers have had to say about The Zipper!

"The theatrical material is almost upstaged by the extraordinary space in which it is being presented - the gutted interior of a former zipper factory in Manhattan's garment district...stocked with old car seats for the most comfortable audience seating in town..."
- Variety

"Much of the show's appeal lies in its amazing set design - and a great, intimate theater space to house all the bizarre action..."
- NY Daily News

"Check out the bathroom doors. The bar, too. Usually such details at an off-broadway theatre go unnoticed. But The Zipper Theatre is hardly typical..." - NY Magazine

"The entrance to The Zipper, a cozy-little well-kept secret situated in the Theater District on 37th between 8th and 9th, is a swanky little bar to which one initially asks oneself if he or she might, on some other night, return for a drink. Hence, Here Lies Jenny, the show currently hosted there, becomes instantly yet another one of those new- New York experiences, accentuated further when the patron is escorted into one of the approximately 200 genuine bucket seats- complete with seatbelts. One cannot help but to wonder, then, if it is bound to be a bumpy night." - Explore Dance